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See what others are saying about Judy Carter's Comedy Workshops:

"I took your wonderful stand-up class years ago -- I did my 5 minute routine on infertility.  I thought you would be interested to know -- that your class and that routine sparked an idea that turned into a screenplay that became a film that got distribution and is now appearing on SHOWTIME!  Thanks!"
         - Diane Fredel-Weis

"The great thing about Judy's class is that it not only prepares you to write and perform standup comedy, but it teaches you about the business.  In the year since I first took her class I've developed enough material and learned how to market myself to the point where I now have a booking agent and am getting paid to do standup.  Without the supportive atmosphere of the class and invaluable inside information about the business, it would have taken me much longer to be at the point where I am now. Thanks so much Judy."
         - John Walker

"People always encouraged me to do standup for years, but I was too afraid and intimidated by the whole idea. It wasn't until I took Judy's class that I was able to understand the structure of joke writing and how to use it well. I would go as far to say that The Comedy Workshop has changed my life -- I was able to develop a gift that brings people enjoyment and it has made my life richer in turn."
         - Dave Kessler

"I am sooooo grateful to you for taking the time to teach people how to do their own jokes and standup routines.  I am so looking forward to applying these techniques you have so generously shared with people.  You are helping to make the world a happier place by sharing your gift of spreading laughter and helping others learn how to also spread laughter to others."
         - Joy Ruby

"Your class not only gives new comedians the tools and craft to begin their careers on the right foot, but it provides an amazing support and follow-through system.  You have created an environment that pushes students to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'."
         - Tracey Abbott

"Dear Judy, thanks so much for your generosity of spirit, time and talent. I got a lot out of our 'work' yesterday. I'm having a great time developing new skills and feel very encouraged. Thanks again. You're a terrific teacher!"
         - Gregory Vahanian

"Judy, your workshop at the Comedy Store in La Jolla was outstanding. The book is great too; very practical and full of concrete examples.  I re-examined every joke in my act according to your principles about the Bare Bones of a Joke (attitude etc.). The result was improvement. You have performed a great service to comedians everywhere with your work. Thanks again. You are a godsend."
         - Dan Lawton

"Judy - I'd swear on a stack of bibles, 'Comedy Bibles', that is, that you helped get me to the semifinals of 'Ed McMahon's Next Big Star'."
         - Vivian Alford

"...Your detail of the construction of jokes is exactly what I was looking for! The writing exercises in your book help very much and I thank you for putting your years of experience in plain English. And thanks for making me feel that, yes, I can do it, too!"
         - Joan Porcaro

"Thanks so much to you and for writing a great helpful book. I took it upon myself to go out to Los Angeles and take a chance and I was only out there 2 weeks and I got 2 movie roles! So thanks again to you!"
         - Timmi Jaimison

"Your book has helped me so much.  I read it and put some material together and scored off the meter in that laughs per minute scale.  My first performance went absolutely amazing.  I think I have found what I want to do for the rest of my life."
         - Dan Beckerman

"Dear Judy, I wanted to write to express how much I am enjoying your book 'The Comedy Bible'. I am finding for me, the true beginner, that the book give the structure, guidance and candor that is very helpful and refreshing."
         - Ken Vevea

"I just got your 'Comedy Bible' book and its a great benefit... Very informative on not just stand-up but other aspects of comedy... Just thought I'd let you know your making a difference - one comic at a time. Thanks."
         - Jeff Jenkins

"Judy-- I just finished reading the latest book, The Comedy Bible, and I wanted to thank you personally. If it wasn't for your books, I don't think I would have ever found the structure I needed to develop my own material and get on a stage. Any stage. Thank you very much for your hard work and support."
         - Scott Long

"I just got off a cruise, Judy, and read the book. Great stuff - it made me write twenty new minutes. I am a born again comic. Keep up the great work."
         - Jeff Stevenson

"I am an upcoming comedian. I started doing comedy in Jan 2002 and am off to a great start. Your 'Comedy Bible' is the BOMB! I think every comedian should buy one 'if they're serious'! Thanks Judy!"
         - Keith Bender

"Thanks for the motivation!"
         - Dewey Chaffee

"Judy, you are the best of the best."
         - Barbara Ricci

"I consider a seminar worthwhile if I pick up one or two valuable tips (gold nuggets). Yesterday was a gold mine. I've always figured that there were some basic formulas that apply to writing comedy. Your workshop clearly identified what they are, how they work and how to use them as the springboard for your own creativity."

         - Phil Sweet