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Judy Carter's Comedy Workshops
Making Dreams Come True for Comics and Speakers since 1984

The reasons people come to Comedy Workshops vary - some want to be standup comics, some writers and some just want to face the fear of being onstage alone. But the results are always the same - a confident comic starting a journey of creativity, success and fun.


Speaking Workshop

on DVD

Everything you need to know to make a six-figure income in the professional speaking industry.

Speaker and Comic Consultations

You created incredibly funny material, helped me understand how to properly set up the jokes and gave me permission to "go there." Until last night, as a stand-up, I'd only had brief moments where I got big laughs. Last night I owned the place.- Jill Bourque

Not getting the laughs you want? Having trouble creating creating new material? Need to move your career to the next level?

Have Judy Carter or other Professional Hollywood comedy writers be your comedy coach and help you realize your career goals. Whether you are just starting out or TV is eating up your "A-List" material, Judy has a coaching plan that can help you.

But you can't really teach someone comedy, can you?

I can't teach someone how to be talented, or, how to be funny. But if you ARE funny and talented, it doesn't mean that you will be a successful comic. It is a big leap from "Open-Miker" to "Headliner" and I can assist you in creating professional comedy material that will make bookers notice you.. On the popular TLC show Faking It I took a very unfunny fireman and within four weeks, I passed him off in front of Hollywood VIPs as a professional headlining comic. If I can do that for a fireman, I can do that with you.

Judy Carter coaches a speaker on TLC's "10 Years Younger"

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I had my prelim round in the contest last night. It was the best set I ever did AND the highest score of the night! I'm moving on to the quarterfinals. Thanks for all your input! - Deanna Knudsen

There are 5 common mistakes that comics make:

  1. Weak opener - the audience will judge you within 30 seconds. So, why waste that time with "Hello, how are you?" or other non-funny, hack lines. Your material up front has to set up your persona and be sure-fire funny.
  2. You tell stories - a way to DECREASE the amount of laughs you get. Your act needs to be "Funny Dense" - laughs every 10 seconds and stories are NOT the way to achieve that.
  3. Your material is graphically sexual or violent - Goodbye bookings.
  4. Your material is funny, but doesn't match your persona. The image you project needs to be consistant throughout your entire act.

Your premises have that "I've hear this before" feeling about them. Every comic needs to dig deep and create exciting, original material based on his or her unique vision and point of view.

I got hysterical laughter and am thrilled with the results. Many thanks.
- Sandra Sellani

The Five Top Secrets of Making People Laugh

Judy can show you techniques you can apply instantly to pump up "The Funny."

  • How to have a snappy opening that will hook your audience within the first minute.
  • How to find the funny in your life and make it work in your act
  • How to milk more laughs out of a single premise - one premise - five jokes
  • How to create your "Sitcom Development" act
  • How to drive your act to a closing that will have the audience doubled over in laughter

Judy Carter, author of "The Comedy Bible" on Oprah,
Good Morning America, and CNN

How do I have a private consultation with Judy if I don't live in Los Angeles? Comedy Workshops has tele-consulting plans.

Judy, it was fantastic working with you again. I am excited about what we did and will do! You really are an amazing talent! - Andy Core

Comedy Workshops Private Consultation Packages
Comedy Workshops, in a constant effort to maintain the best online resources for comics, has developed exciting new private consultation packages taylor-made for performers living outside of Los Angeles.

How do I sign up for a coaching plan?

Standup Consulting packages

Speaker Consulting packages

Email info@judycarter.com for more information. Please be patient. Due to the high volume of inquiries we may be unable to respond immediately.