Making Dreams Come True for Comics and Speakers since 1984


Speaking Workshop on DVD

Everything you need to know to make a six-figure income in the professional speaking industry.


Best-Selling Book

In The Comedy Bible, Judy Carter shows how to write a stand-up act, spec sitcom, one-liners for greeting cards and more!

Comedy Career in a Box!

Judy Carter's definitive interactive guide for comics, writers, speakers, actors and anyone who wants to make money from being funny.

The author of "The Comedy Bible" puts her acclaimed Los Angeles standup workshop on DVD. The package includes three interactive DVDs - six hours of step-by-step comedy instruction by Judy - and industry trade secrets from 18 of Hollywood's top managers, agents, casting directors, bookers and producers.

** Many of Judy's students get jobs within THREE months after they've taken her workshop! **

If a making people laugh for a living is your dream but you can't pack it in and move to Los Angeles for Judy's Comedy Workshops, Comedy Career in a Box is your dream come true.

This DVD package is infinitely more than anything you can learn from a book, and it's not just another talking-head video. Comedy Career in a Box teaches you proven methods for writing , performing and making money by being funny.

Whether you're just beginning or searching for representation-it's all covered.

Comedy Career in a Box is the quickest route to becoming successful in the comedy industry. It will save you four years of bombing, procrastinating and writing hack material. These DVDs will put you on the fast tract to writing original material, performing it and getting booked.

Time for creativity

This three DVD set isn't another talking head blah-blah-blahing at the camera. Comedy Career in a Box has taken four years to create, shoot, design and complete. It's been written, directed and edited by top Hollywood professionals so nothing gets in the way of learning.

Comedy Career in a Box is interactive and enables you to take Judy Carter's prestigious Hollywood workshop over and over without making the trip to Hollywood (yet). You'll join six of her students, and go from nothing to being worthy of showcasing at the Hollywood Improv. To illustrate comedy techniques, we've included demonstrations from 28 of Judy's most successful students.

Graduates from Judy's workshops include standup comic and actress Suzanne Westenhoefer, Tonight Show with Jay Leno regular Kira Soltanavich, director/producer Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura , Bruce Almighty , I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry ) and Executive Producer for Warner Bros. Television Rob Lotterstein.

Judy's students have performed or written on countless hit shows, including;

There are so many funny, talented people in the world who will never have comedy careers because they're too scared to get up on stage or they have huge idea journals that they don't do anything with. I've created this DVD to show you how to turn your ideas into comedy gold, get over fear and rock a room. And yes, it's in a box. - Judy Carter

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