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Everything you need to know to make a six-figure income in the professional speaking industry.


Best-Selling Book

In The Comedy Bible, Judy Carter shows how to write a stand-up act, spec sitcom, one-liners for greeting cards and more!

Comedy Career in a Box!


Here's what you'll get with Judy Carter's Comedy Career in a Box

DVD 1: Creating Killer Comedy material

The first DVD takes what you've learned from Judy's book 'The Comedy Bible,' and fast-forwards from there. You'll learn the same tools your favorite comedians use to write material and entertain audiences, but from your own individual, authentic point of view. You'll learn the basics of getting started and finding ideas to really working the crowd. At the end of DVD #1 you'll have at least 30 minutes of original material.

1. The Beginning: Jumpstarting Your Creativity
2. Pushing Past Procrastination: Booking Your First Gig'Now
3. Fighting Fear: Stage Fright and Other Worries
4. Comedy Construction: Joke Writing Made Easy
5. The Set-Up: Sucking In the Audience
6 . The Pay-Off: Landing the Big Laughs
7 . Get Real: Finding Your Authentic Material
8 . CSI: The Atoms of Your Ideas
9 . Fuggetaboudit! Pumping up Premises with Attitude
10 . Acting Out: Maxing out Laughs
11 . Mixes: The Mark of a Pro 


I want to take this time to thank you, Judy, for working with me. I am now a full time comedian! I am booking anywhere from two-three weeks a month of work on the road and have recently been moved up to showcase monthly in the Main Room at the Comedy Store! - Justin Worsham

DVD 2: How Not to Bomb

DVD 2 develops your material further and concentrates on your performance. Here's a tip: comics who have great material and no stage presence are called - writers. You'll be able to avoid the pitfalls that every amateur comic falls into and learn the secrets to dealing with hecklers, rewriting material and avoiding hack.

For a limited time: watch the first 10 minutes of the "Stop Hack Now" chapter on DVD 2: How Not to Bomb.

1. Stop Hack Now: Top Five Mistakes Comics Make
2. Hack to Hilarious: Insider Secrets to Successful Rewrites
3. Openings: Making the Audience Love You in Five Seconds
4. Making Bits Flow: Building a Set List that Kills
5. Performance Techniques: Don't go on stage without them!
6. Hecklers and Other nightmares: Weapons to Win the War
7. Showcasing: Making Sure Your Big Break Isn't a Big Bomb  

Bonus Workout CD-ROM

The Bonus Workout CD-ROM features writing and performing exercises for every chapter on DVD 1: Creating Killer Comedy Material and DVD 2: How Not to Bomb. Judy has designed these exercises to help you break through writer's block, and to create and perform industry-ready material. 

I came from Spain to attend your

workshop and tune my comedy routine. Little did I know that I'd end up being hired as a senior writer for 12 Corazones, the top-rated show in the afternoon for all Hispanic TV. I'd never thought comedy would land me a job in TV this soon!

- Eric Martinez Westley

DVD 3: Making Money by Being Funny

Judy spent four years interviewing and sleeping with Hollywood's top managers, agents, executive producers, casting directors, emcees and club bookers to find what it takes for comics to get noticed -- or ignored. Get ready to learn about comic opportunities you never knew existed and ways to break into television, movies, radio, colleges and club circuits. Sitcom residuals, here you come.


1. Meet the Pros: Eighteen VIPs tell All
2. Emceeing: How not to Suck
3. TV Hosting: How the hell did Ryan Seacrest get that job?
4. Comedy Clubs: Getting Booked
5. Showcasing: Avoid These Mistakes
6. Photos, Resumes and Videos: Marketing U
7. Representation: How to Hook It Up
8. Networking: Infiltrating the Industry
9. Colleges, Cruise Ships and Other Comedy Goldmines
10. Deals and Money: Negotiating Your Own Contract
11. Sitcoms and Features: Standup to Acting
12. Writing: Selling your Stuff
13. Reality TV: Getting on TV Made Easy
14. Voiceover and Animation: Inner Voice to Outer Voice
15. Corporate Comedy: Making the Big Bucks
16. Radio: Comedy in your PJs  

You also get a 50% discount on private phone consultations for punching up your material.

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