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I'm not a standup comic, but a writer and actor. How can Comedy Career in a Box help me? Comedy Career in Box isn't just for standup comics but for anyone who wants to make a career out of making people laugh. The methods and stage techniques covered in the DVDs are perfect or comedic actors trying to land a part or writers creating material for others. This collection gives you the insight into the world of comedy, why some bits work and others don't and what industry executives look for when they search for new talent. Even if you only dreamt of being a valet driver at a comedy club, these DVDs will help.

I already have your book. Why do I need your DVDs? Good question! 'The Comedy Bible' and 'Standup Comedy: The Book' are excellent ways to get started. The DVDs pick up where the 'Bible' leaves off. These books have been a great way to get past writer's block and create material. But these DVDs will help you by showing you how to create better material, avoid hack and end up with paying gigs.

I don't even have an act yet. Is this too advanced? You do have an act. You just don't know it yet. These DVDs are tailor-made for aspiring comics or those starting out and then go on to cover progressive methods in the later chapters. With the whole series, you'll have a better foundation and understanding of comedy than most of today's biggest stars ever did.

I live in the middle of nowhere. How can I launch a comedy career in a town with one stoplight? You'd be surprised what opportunities are available in your quaint town and the surrounding areas. Finding opportunities is a theme that is covered throughout the series and you'll learn tricks to landing the gigs you never knew existed. Also, due to the popularity of viral videos, you can catch the eye of a Hollywood decision maker via the Internet. Websites such as make it easier for comics to market themselves more than ever. With Comedy Career in a Box, you can post killer material that will get you noticed. In a good way.

Aren't most instructional DVDs boring? Yes. Extremely boring. But we're not installing vinyl siding here. Within each chapter, Judy dissects the acts of some of Hollywood's hottest comics to show why their jokes work. You'll laugh as much as you learn while seeing today's rising stars perform their acts at famous venues such as the Hollywood Improv.

My friends tell me I'm really funny, but I don't know how to get that on stage. Comedy Career in a Box is designed to take your persona and unique point of view and insert them into your act. If you're making your co-workers, friends at the bar or the cashier at the grocery store laugh whenever you're around, don't be afraid to take that gift and share it onstage. These DVDs will teach you how.

I've been thinking about doing standup for five years and have stacks of notes and ideas, but I panic onstage. Every comic, from Cosby to Cook, is nervous before they go on. The trick is to use that nervousness and anxiety to your advantage and channel it through your act. Once the laughs start rolling in, you'll feel at home onstage and wonder why you didn't start sooner.

I've been doing open mics for over a year now, but how do I get paid? Once your act is solid, getting paid is the next thing you should focus on. Comedy Career in a Box discusses crucial career topics such as negotiating your first contracts, marketing yourself to managers and agents and working your way up the comedy ladder. Did you ever notice that comedic films do extremely well at the box office? Comedy pays, and these DVDs teach you how to get on the receiving end of those big checks.

I've always dreamt of having my own sitcom like Seinfeld or Raymond. Can I do that by watching these DVDs? Unfortunately, just watching these DVDs probably won't be enough, but Judy Carter and her panel of experts supply you with the imperative information for anyone who wants to develop a sitcom of his or her own, as well as other opportunities such as hosting travel or game shows.

How do I make my act accessible and commercial without being hack? It's true; comics must walk the thin line between familiar topics and overdone takes on them. One of the greatest lessons you can learn from Comedy Career in a Box is that although there are thousands of jokes about relationships, no one has ever had the same experiences you've had. You can make your jokes unique because they are from your point of view. Sure, all comics have broken up with their boyfriends or girlfriends, but how many of them did while on a hot air balloon ride? You get the idea.

How much does this cost?
We figured this:

Cost of Judy's LA Workshop - $515.00

• Cost of flying out Lewis Black's agent, having him tell you how to break into the comedy business' first class airfare - $1200, meeting $500/hour

• Cost of taking seminars, workshops to learn about the college market, getting representation, how to get cruise ship bookings, performing lucrative corporate comedy gigs' That would probably amount to 12 Learning Annex classes at $49/each, which is $588

• So add all that up and... we're talking: $2273.00

Scary, huh? But here at Comedy Workshops, we want to make this information affordable, so the price is $225.00