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In The Comedy Bible, Judy Carter shows how to write a stand-up act, spec sitcom, one-liners for greeting cards and more!

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Meet Judy Carter and the cast

Judy Carter, author of The Comedy Bible (now in its 22nd printing) and Standup Comedy: The Book, is also a world-renowned comic, speaker, and teacher. More importantly, she's already built a successful career doing what you want to do. Now Judy's created this one-of-a-kind DVD series that takes you step-by-step through the creative process of joke writing, basic and advanced performance techniques, and what you can do to get paying gigs, all with a heavy dose of priceless advice.


Judy Carter 

VIPS include: 

Dan Rosenberg

professional emcee


Danny Robinson  

agent, APA


Marc Kamler 

hosting agent, APA


Barb North  

manager, Brook Forest Entertainment


Tracy Newman  

Exec. Producer, "According to Jim"    


Rob Lotterstein  

Exec. TV Producer


Gina Rubenstein  

Exec. Producer "Clean House"


Steve North  

comedy coach


Matt Komen

comedy booker

Peter Charkalis  

writer, Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Tim Bagley  

comedic actor


Rick Overton  



Alex House  

college comic


Kent Emmons  

owner, National Lampoon Radio


Tina Weiss  

casting director


Jonathan Wygant  

speaker agent, President - Big Speak, Inc.


Steve Hoffstetter  



Andrea Meyerson  

producer, All Out Films

Comics Featured: 

Alex House

Alex Wu

Alycia Cooper

Angela Hoover

Ashlee Gilbert

Ben Taxi

Brian Boldvich

Carlos Sanchez

Cary Odes

Chris Robertiello

Christine Gonzales

Dean Lewis

Dennis Fowler

Drew Pokorny

Drue Delio

Gregg Martin

Jacqueline Champagnie

Jeff Bueno

Jill Bucaro

Joseph Betance

Josh Cox

Jules Roenitz

Justim Worsham

Kenny Messer

Kira Soltanovich

Lori Nelson

Mark Hesselgrave

Melia Mills

Michaela Watkins

Millie Trachtenberg

Pamela Armstead

Paul Lucero

Rebecca Arthur

Shishonia Livingston

Tanja Shipman

Workshop Comics and Actors: 

Cassie Winett

Iris Levy

Jason Sereno

Ryan Hill

Tommy F Dunn

Andie Bolt

Casey Rippy

Dave Kessler

Kyle Erby

Laura Pillar

Michelle March




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