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Everything you need to know to make a six-figure income in the professional speaking industry.

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Employee Manual Punch-Up

Hire professional comedy writers who are not only able to make your training manual fun and entertaining, but appropriate for the workplace.

"Thank you so much for rewriting our instruction manual. You made it so much fun to read that our employees actually enjoy their training." - Jiffy Lube

Flexible pricing. Please email us about your project.



Judy Carter's Workshop, Keynote and

Speaking Services

Judy's wit is the perfect wake up call. She brings energy and enthusiasm to that early morning bleary-eyed breakfast meeting or leaves them laughing and thinking at your closing session.

All keynotes and workshops are customized: Judy will work closely with you, ensuring that her message is tailored to your specifications. If you're looking for humor with an on-target message your people will take back to work (and put to work), you'll love Judy Carter.

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